Locally Farmed Vegetables

Providing fresh vegetables weekly through a Community Supported Agriculture Scheme (CSA)

What We Do

We produce vegetables that are affordable, seasonal, fresh and local.

We have different share sizes suitable for individuals and families.

We provide a variety of items at each pickup, changing with the seasons.

Our CSA in Numbers


shares in 2019


volunteers in the steering committee


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community-powered agriculture

Why You’ll Love Us

Our food is produced with love and care for the environment, there’s no packaging involved – you bring your own reusable packaging! Community is important and therefore we organise farm visits and other gatherings to build a resilient food community around the farm.

  • Delicious
  • Fair – we aim to provide a fair income for the farmer(s) and other producers(s)
  • Sustainable (agro-ecological farming methods, chemical-free)
  • Seasonal
  • Plastic-free
  • Empowering Community


“Delicious food and a great community!”

I’ve been part of the CSA since 2013. I am eating so much healthier now and found a great community to be part of. The farm days are brilliant!!



News & Events

  • Can you help us design a new logo?
    Spring is a natural time for renewal! And we are looking for a new CSA Dublin logo and though it’ll be nice to harvest the creative spirit of the community and see what we, as a team, can come up with.
  • International CSA Day
    Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is the name we give to a diversity of approaches that all aim to strengthen direct farmer-eater relationships. This includes sharing risks and benefits. This is the essence of CSA.
  • New Season Sign-Up
    The new Dublin CSA season will start on the 7th of June and all shares must be filled by 1st June 2018 to ensure a financially viable start to the season. We can fulfill 30 full shares over the seasonContinue reading “Home”